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Beautiful, and very well-composed!

Ah, finally, something original on the audio portal! (All those crappy game midi uploads ripped from vgmusic.com are pissing me off.)

Firstly, it's a very well-composed piece. It could potentially bring tears! The arrangement itself is ALMOST there. Needs a little more work to really evoke the sadness from your audience. Sadly, this piece is really only marred by the low-quality samples. But that can be easily fixed with a really good piano soundfont! :) (Or you can just record yourself playing a real piano)

Overall, great job! Can't wait to hear more from you! :)


A very soothing ambient piece! The synths you used in the background with the drums fit the piece very well. I could picture this being used as a menu theme for a game.

My only complaint is that it doesn't really branch off into much else. I know it's supposed to be an interlude, but a little more variety in the piece couldn't hurt.

Great job though!


I am seriously in love with this piece. Very catchy and great instrumentation! I wish I could hear this kind of style more often! :D


This is a rather nice piece! Has a nice party/ambient feel to it. The bass usage was great too!

I don't really have any suggestions. You COULD try expanding it a bit more, but that would probably take away from its simplicity and ambience.

Great job! Keep it up!


Very great ambient piece. I could picture it being used in a platformer that takes place in space!

Great effects, and great use of the Sytrus plugin!

Excellent! Keep it up!

x-Exodus-X responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I could totally see that too. I'll check out your music now :)

Yikes! Another fantastic piece!

Oh man, I love this. The instrumentation is amazingly catchy, or should I say... "funky!"

The only critique I can offer is to make the vocals sound more prominent, as they're overshadowed by the instruments.

Great job! Can't wait to hear more!


Hahaha, I love these lyrics. Very catchy! Also, great job with the instrumentation. :D


Very, VERY impressive! The guitar solo in the beginning was AMAZING. It's very rare you hear live music of this quality on Newgrounds. It's a shame some people have given this low ratings, while poorly made trance music gets all the big honors!

Keep it up, man! I can't wait to hear more from you! :D

Monkeywithumbs responds:

Thanks for the kind words, Matt. Really means a lot!


I've gotta say, this is fantastic. A very relaxing and well-composed piece! I'm afraid I don't have any criticism to give on this one.

I can't wait to hear more from you! And I hope your game comes along well! :D

Vertlain responds:

Thank you. More comming soon... I hope.


The composition was really well done. Add that to Sorohanro's guitar work, and now you have something really epic.

Excellent job! :D

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